Dust skeleton of floor of mouth

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The dust skeleton mouth floor general matching and the dust skeleton, skeleton mouth floor dust for fixing the dust bag, dust filter bag dust removal of floor of mouth of the skeleton of strong adaptability, can be used for a variety of industrial boilers and dust removal, desulfurization dust places, stable operation, simple maintenance. The dust skeleton mouth floor is boiler accessory products users ideal.
The characteristics of dust the floor of the mouth, the skeleton of low cost, convenient installation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, durable, dust skeleton mouth floor and the stability of the dust removing rate is high, the dust removal efficiency can reach 96~98%, double cylinder dust efficiency can reach above 98%.
1, install dust accessories with acid resistant plastic coating slot connection, ensure that the connection is not Water Leakage.
2, import and export are all equipped with flange and flange dimensions, installation of asbestos rope joint, flange joint to prevent air leakage, effect of dust removing effect.
3, the internal is smooth, the water consumption reduced to the original 3/4, reduces the operation cost.
4, the use of natural granite, machined into a circular plate bending, the whole structure is smooth. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature characteristics. 5, the dust skeleton mouth bottom is closed, this than the traditional closed mouth bottom to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce the external pollution.

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