Ventilation butterfly valve

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Ventilation butterfly valve is a non sealed butterfly valve, widely used in building material, metallurgy, mine, electric power production process medium temperature ≤ 300 ℃ nominal pressure 0.1Mpa pipe, used to connect, open and close or adjust the medium quality. This product adopts the midline disc plate and short structural steel plate welded structure design and manufacture of new, compact structure, light weight, convenient installation, small flow resistance, high turnover, avoid the influence of high temperature expansion, easy operation. No rod, bolts, reliable work, long service life. To multi station installation, not affected by the medium flow.

通风蝶阀 通风蝶阀
通风蝶阀--01 通风蝶阀--02
通风蝶阀 通风蝶阀
通风蝶阀--03 通风蝶阀--04