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The venturi tube is a Venturi tube is short, the principle of the Venturi effect when the wind blows over the barrier , the barrier is relatively low on the leeward side of the port near the atmospheric pressure side thereof , thereby to produce and cause adsorption of the air flow . Venturi principle is very simple , is to put the venturi flow from the coarse to fine , in order to accelerate the gas flow rate, the gas outlet in the rear venturi forming a "vacuum" area.
Venturi features:
Venturi flow can achieve the delivery of powder . Is the use of a venturi suction effect of its exit , such as vacuum cleaners, powder delivery , coolers , flow meters , dryers and the like. Shoot suction pump the chemical industry is also the principle of the venturi so material applied mainly to see places , and there are iron , plastic, nylon variety of aluminum . But also from the aircraft lift generated by the venturi effect . On the surface of the air flow is faster than the wing lower surface to produce lift.
Venturi general framework for the dust on the cartridge, which generally use the venturi tube 1 mm thick steel production molding a stretch , which is characterized by the venturi tube is smooth and beautiful appearance , reliable quality , effectively improve , ESP the efficiency and service life of the filter bag .

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