Hanging Hat

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Commonly known as bag hat hanging hat hanging hat, is the type baghouse filter bag lifting and seal the bag with a volume generally larger, mainly used in low velocity filter, dust removal equipment larger premises, such as cement plants, steel mills, metallurgical, chemical, woodworking and other places. Ancillary components have hanging spring, hanging chains and other accessories, hanging cap is the type baghouse filter bag lifting and sealing devices, primarily used in the lower filtration velocity, dust removal equipment larger place. 
I produced the hanging hat hanging device, lifting the cap to the best quality and most reasonable price, the most attentive service, providing customers with convenience!

吊挂帽 吊挂帽
吊挂帽--01 吊挂帽--02
吊挂帽 吊挂帽
吊挂帽--03 吊挂帽--04

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