Ambient dust bag

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The production parameters of normal dust bag:
Room temperature bag polypropylene needlepunched filter Polypropylene needlepunched filter
Weight (Weight):500g/ ㎡
Material: polypropylene (Material) / polypropylene filament
The thickness of (Thickness):1.9mm
Air permeability (Air Perm):10m3/m3 · min
Warp tension at room temperature (Warp bag Tensile Strength:>960N/5 * 20 cm)
Weft tensile strength (Weft Tensile Strength):>1060N/5 × 20 cm
Warp elongation (Warp Elongation):<35%
Weft elongation (Weft Elongation):<55%
Room temperature (Continuous service Temperature bag): ≤ 88 ℃, 105 ℃ short
After treatment (Finishing): singeing or pressure light

常温除尘布袋 常温除尘布袋
常温除尘布袋--01 常温除尘布袋--02
常温除尘布袋 常温除尘布袋
常温除尘布袋--03 常温除尘布袋--04

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