Inside the star skeleton

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Angle star skeleton is bag rib, it should be lightweight, easy to install and maintain, frame directly affect the quality and service life of filter dust filter bag. The characteristics, type XL- cyclone water film desulfurization dust collector has the advantages of low cost, convenient installation, light weight, lower equipment prices, the user is the ideal boiler accessory products. The natural granite, machined into a circular plate bending, the whole structure is smooth. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature characteristics. Material pouring outside with high strength, high temperature resistant. The cylinder body device outer protective plate, greatly enhance the strength and service life of dust removal equipment. The upper water tank structure for ceramics, ceramic dust collector to ensure that no Water Leakage in water supply process, avoids the original granite dust remover water seepage problem, enhances the dust collector using effect. In the star skeleton installation is simple, general every day 1 meters, on-site hoisting half a day can be installed, reduce construction period. Each section is 1 meters by angle star skeleton structure, each interface is a concave convex joint, when installed with furan resin or the acid and alkali cement connections in the seam, ensure that the connection is not Water Leakage; overcomes the defects of original granite dust catcher joint penetration and air leakage.
Characteristics of angle star skeleton:
1, the import of patented technology and equipment production, superior performance, complete sizes.
Remove assembly technology, patent
2, replacement of parts at least, safer and more convenient.
3, design structure is strong and reliable, longer service life.
4, can provide the oval, star shaped cage and special stainless steel cage.

内角星骨架 内角星骨架
内角星骨架--01 内角星骨架--02
内角星骨架 内角星骨架
内角星骨架--03 内角星骨架--04
内角星骨架 内角星骨架
内角星骨架--05 内角星骨架--06