Spring skeleton

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Spring skeleton called dust within the framework of star angle skeleton dust framework, also known as bag cage, is the use of special equipment once welding.
A, spring skeleton called spring bag cage with certain hardness of steel wire or spring steel made after processing, spring skeleton is one of the external filtering type dust collecting equipment, accessories, because of restrictions on top of the indoor space in the precipitator internal without certain space to replace the dust skeleton, so the spring skeleton at design time, spring compared with other dust skeleton skeleton convenient transportation is not affected by the installation space is limited, with the installation easy and maintain certain scalability.
Two, spring skeleton for dust filter bag dust remover which support facilitates the distribution of dust removing dust efficiency is improved, spring skeleton quality directly affect the service life of the dust bag dust removal effect and dust removal equipment, making the spring skeleton is usually, according to the installation environment request is reasonable in structure, has a certain strength, use longer life, widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, thermal power, food and other industries.

弹簧骨架 弹簧骨架
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弹簧骨架 弹簧骨架
弹簧骨架--03 弹簧骨架--04