dust skeleton

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Dust filter bag skeleton is ribs, characterized as light, convenient installation and maintenance, quality directly affects the dust skeleton state and the service life of filter bag.
Dust skeleton in the actual operation in accordance with the usage and the principle of normal use, ensure the important effect and value in the actual situation the effect of ash, not by a certain factor, can produce a good performance and value in a complex environment. Bag dust collector during operation of the cleaning cycle and cleaning time, always observe the pressure differential system, so as to judge whether problems. Must record the normal operation of the differential pressure value, such as the pressure increased, may mean that the filter bag dust blockage, harden, failure, ash cleaning mechanism of ash accumulation and other phenomena. And reduce the pressure difference, may mean that the bag breakage, loss, entrance side pipe plug or valve closed, leakage phenomenon between box or compartment.

除尘骨架 除尘骨架
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除尘骨架 除尘骨架
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